Abakus Immobilien Vermittlung

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 34
04105 Leipzig

Phone: 0341 230 77 77
Fax: 0341 230 77 75


Preisvorstellungen von Immobilienanbietern und Nachfragern driften in Leipzig stark auseinander


Große Differenz in Leipzig, Dresden, Nürnberg und Berlin

Leipzig erlebt...

About Us

Our company was founded in 2005 as a successor to „Abakus Immobilien“, a property management company founded in 1994. We are proud to be a personally owned company with full liability.

We offer professional arrangement of sales and rental contracts for real estate owners, trustees and developers.

Over 15 years of experience in the Leipzig housing market gives us an edge and ensures you the fairest price for purchase or sale of land, houses and condominiums.

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